How Well Oiled is your Machine?

I am constantly bombarded with calls from people asking about Lubricants, who's the best and the most common question, who is the CHEAPEST? Buying and Choosing a Lubricant has nothing to do with price, as the price (quality) is directly linked to other factors such as energy consumption, maintenance costs, downtime and productivity. All of which cost money, big money. Have a look at the picture below. Which one would you prefer? I bet you wouldn't choose the cheap option now would you?

A CHEAP lubricant may look good on paper but at the end of the day it's eating into your profits. We've all heard the term "Well Oiled Machine" but the real question is, how well oiled is your machine, both as a business machine and as equipment? As a Business Owner and Lubrication Consultant I know what it means to have a well oiled machine. Using the services of a Lubrication Consultant from the field can save you tremendous cash, real cash that can be used to make even greater profit. So I ask again, "How Well Oiled is your Machine?"

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