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Q: What makes Revolution Synthetic Oil so special?

A: There are many reasons for its unparalleled performance advantage when compared to other lubricants,  mineral or synthetic, one of the reasons is because it is a synthetic oil and the other reason is due it its proprietary additive technology that we incorporate into all our formulations.

Q: Why develop such a product?

A: To answer this, one would need to look at our objectives, which are to improve plant performance and reliability. Most lubricants now days simply don’t perform. We are placing progressively higher demands on equipment and at the same time trying to become more and more efficient, all while cutting costs. Our lubricants can fill all these criteria.

Q: How are your lubricants able to do this?

A: Simply put, Revolution Synthetic Oil reduces your cost of maintenance by reducing your need for maintenance and we do this by replacing something you already buy and use with something of a much higher quality.

Q: So why not any synthetic oil? Why Revolution Synthetic Oil?

A: Unlike other lubricants, synthetic or mineral, we don’t make use of generic additive chemistry. Each of our additives has been hand-picked to provide the user with greatly improved performance and reliability. To add a further point, if you are going to invest money on purchasing a synthetic oil why not buy the best one available?

Q: Revolution Synthetic Oil's products are quite expensive, what sort of return would one expect when using your lubricants?

A: When you look at the whole picture you will see that conventional lubricants are the expensive ones. Our lubricants in fact have the lowest cost of ownership when compared to any other oil. When one starts to add up the costs of a poor lubricant, they will quickly see what the real cost of their lubricants are. Did you know that a staggering 53% of all bearing failures are related to inadequate or contaminated lubricants? One would also need to consider production losses, labour for equipment repair, etc, etc but to answer the question, you could expect savings of 30% on maintenance costs and 3% on energy costs. Then there are of course other benefits further down the line as a result, like reduced safety incident due to machine repair for example.

Q: Those are really bold claims, give us some success stories, some real examples?

A: We mostly focus our attention on the petrochemical industry where there are harsh and extreme environments, one example I can give relates to a pump, where the bearings were operating at 83°C, the engineering team at the time had to do something and there were two options available, undertake expensive and elaborate modifications to improve cooling to the pump or go with our recommendation which was to upgrade the lubricant to one of our flagship products “Revosyn XP”, it’s quite obvious which solution they would go for. In short, simply upgrading the lubricant to our product reduced bearing temperatures by 8°C from 83°C to 75°C, which was more or less what they were expecting to gain by going with the other option, which was the expensive modification.

Q: Where can Revolution Synthetic Oils be used? In what sort of equipment?

A: Our products can be used in almost all types of rotating equipment from pumps, turbines, compressors, gears and even air tools.

Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: We have an extensive partner network which covers all of South Africa. Call our office on 011 452 0515 or email us at and we will be glad to point you in the right direction.

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