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REVOCIRC is a high-performance synthetic lubricant developed for use in circulation systems, bearings, turbines, and gearboxes that do not require EP additives.

REVOCIRC has been developed to work in high-temperature and demanding applications and incorporates advanced additive and base oil technology that greatly improves equipment reliability and service life.

REVOCIRC greatly reduces energy consumption and will increase the mean time between planned/unplanned maintenance / repair and is an ideal replacement for oils that rely on oil viscosity alone for protection.
Recommended Applications:

REVOCIRC 32 – 100: Bearings, Turbines, Journals, Gearboxes (non-EP oil), Machine Shop Equipment.
REVOCIRC 150 – 320: Bearings, Spur / Bevel Gears (non-EP oil), Wet / Dry End Mill Rolls.

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