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The Time Value of Premium Lubricants

We hear it all the time, "Time is money they say". So in essence, when people say, "Stop wasting my time!", what they in fact mean is ... "Stop wasting my money!"

Let me explain the correlation in simpler terms. I want to travel from Johannesburg to New York. I can go by ship or by plane. The ship costs R 5'000.00 and the plane costs R 10'000.00. Therefore, for an extra R 5'000.00, I can buy roughly... 1 Month. I can personally tell you that 1 Month to me is worth a lot more than R 5'000.00.

How does this relate to lubricants you ask?

That is simple to explain, just substitute the word "Johannesburg" with "Current Bearing Life (1 Month)" and "New York" with "Current Bearing Life X 2 (2 Months)". Then substitute the word "Ship" with "Low Cost Oil" and the word "Plane" with "Premium Oil" and you will have your answer.

From the above you can arrive to two conclusions, one being that the cost per bearing life is the same whether I use "Low Cost Oil" or "Premium Oil". The other way to look at it is in the concept of time. Time saved changing bearings? Downtime? Time saved due to safety incidents? Time saved in labour? Even the time you have saved yourself?

I find it oddly strange that people in their professional lives as well as in their personal lives struggle to make the connection between time and money. As a result of this I have a challenge for you, try to think of situations in the concept of time from now until the end of the week. You'll be surprised at the difference in perspective.

Revolution Oil produces Ultra-Performance Synthetic Lubricants designed to save you as much time as possible in order for you to focus on the things that really matter and because it saves you time, it saves you money as well.

How much time did you save today?

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