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“... the NDE bearing housing was running very hot. A temperature of 142°C was measured ... By slowly draining and refilling, the bearing housing was flushed and eventually filled with REVOSYN XP 68. The temperature started to go down immediately and after an hour was down to 91°C.”



Revolution Synthetic Oil is a premium synthetic lubricants blender, who specialize exclusively in the production of synthetic oils and lubricants that significantly improve equipment reliability and performance. Users of Revolution Synthetic Oil are guaranteed a significant reduction in downtime by or eliminating breakdowns ensuring you reach your maintenance and reliability targets.

Revolution Synthetic Oil has developed the most cutting-edge lubricants which can be used in all types of rotating equipment such as compressors, turbines, gears, pumps and systems. Our unique offering of industrial lubricants and mechanical seal fluids are far superior to other market leading products. Revolution Synthetic Oils’ lubricants have been tried and tested in the field and no other lubricant is able to offer an equivalent or better return on investment with our lubricants paying for themselves within 30 days of use.

It is well documented that lubrication related failures account for more than 50% of all bearing failures. Therefore, an increase in lubricant quality will lead to a decrease in maintenance and energy costs. Revolution Synthetic Oils offer a conservative saving of at least 20% in maintenance costs and 2% in energy costs associated with the operation of rotating equipment.

At Revolution Synthetic Oil we encourage all maintenance, operational and reliability personnel to make decisions based on real results and we ask only that you select a piece of your own equipment to use our oil in so that you can do your own evaluation.


“ Our Crude Distillation Unit is fed by two Byron Jackson pumps. During an inspection to the pump by a reliability technician, it was found that the NDE bearing housing was running very hot, with a temperature of 142°C being recorded. The technician, in order to save the bearings, subsequently drained small amounts of oil while slowly refilling the bearing housing, which resulted in little improvement.

The decision was then made the following morning to switch to “Revolution Synthetic Oil - REVOSYN XP ISO 68”, as a catastrophic bearing failure seemed imminent. By slowly draining and refilling, the bearing housing was flushed and eventually filled with Revosyn XP ISO 68. Resulting in an immediate drop in temperature, which after an hour was down to 91°C. The temperature was subsequently monitored and by the evening was down to 82°C, with subsequent measurements going down to 73°C.

The maintenance and reliability personnel are amazed at the performance of the Revolution Synthetic Oil, to say the least! A bearing failure would have resulted in a costly shutdown of the crude unit and expensive emergency maintenance work to repair the pump. ”. RELIABILITY ENGINEER – PETROCHEMICAL PLANT

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