“... the NDE bearing housing was running very hot. A temperature of 142°C was measured ... By slowly draining and refilling, the bearing housing was flushed and eventually filled with REVOSYN XP 68. The temperature started to go down immediately and after an hour was down to 91°C.”


Revolution Synthetic Oil, situated in Johannesburg South Africa, is a premium synthetic oil and synthetic lubricants blender. The first of its kind to exclusively produce Synthetic Oils that significantly improve equipment reliability and performance.


Users of Revolution Synthetic Oil are guaranteed the best value and return on investment possible by turning what was once a lubricant expense into a profit.


Revolution Synthetic Oil manufactures products to the highest standard, using premium synthetic base oils and additive technology that is superior in performance and quality.


Revolution Synthetic Oil was created with the sole purpose of producing lubricants that will greatly improve the reliability and performance of rotating equipment, and has the potential to reduce maintenance and energy costs significantly when compared to conventional mineral and/or synthetic oils.


Revolution Synthetic Oil has gone far and beyond to give its users unprecedented advantages, by being the first to introduce UV fluorescent lubricants to the market, which allows users to greatly reduce losses arising from lubricant leaks and also avoid machine breakdowns by easily being able identifying low oil levels.

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