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Revolution Synthetic Oil is South Africa's first Premium Synthetic Lubricants manufacturer.


Revolution Synthetic Oil manufactured their first ever litre of synthetic oil on the 31st of October 2012 and have never looked back since. Today, Revolution Synthetic Oil produces some 40'000 litres per year of specialized ultra-performance synthetic oils of various types.


Nicolas Georghiou, the brand's creator, having dedicated over 20 years to the industry believes Revolutions' oils are the most advanced ever created in Africa and his philosophy has always remained simple, "Use the best products and you will get the best results".

Revolution Synthetic Oil pioneered, and was the first in Africa to use fluorescent additive technology in their lubricants. This technology allows the users of Revolution Oil's products to monitor equipment for leaks, oil levels and contamination.


All of Revolution Oil's products utilize the latest in both additive and base oil technology. Giving our lubricants unparalleled lubrication performance, far beyond that of other conventional mineral and/or synthetic oil.

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